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Welcome to my new website

Hello and welcome to my new website. I’ve brought together my blog, portfolio site and Fingerprint fabric shop together all in one place, so you might have found yourself here for different reasons and via different routes! I hope you’ll find something interesting and inspiring and will check back often to find what’s new. Thanks so much for your interest in my work.



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Finished! In the Quiet of the Long Night

A look at what’s under the needle in the sewing room this week.

Quilt in Progress

A look at what’s under the needle in the sewing room this week.

Studio update

A quick update of things happening in the studio – dressmaking and portrait drawing.

Flying Geese Quilt

Welcome back to the studio blog. I find this time of year to always be quite productive. Right now I've got a number of projects underway. This quilt has been one that's received some time and attention this week. I've used a combination of fabrics that I showed you recently - the Hawaiian inspired/snowflake patterns [...]

Inspired by Hawaiian Appliqué

Really trying to get into the habit of blogging again. It's been a while since I posted a regular blog, what with that instant gratification of the 'Gram and all. I do love that format, but it's nice to have a bit more space to tell the story don't you think? Anyway, no promises that [...]

Paint Poured Fabrics

Hey everyone! You might already know that for my day job, I create online video workshops over at DesignMatters Art & Craft School. Recently we had a great time pouring acrylic paints all over canvasses and boards to create amazing effects. If you've not tried this  before do consider checking it out. I'd hesitated thinking, [...]

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website

  1. I used to get blog posts and posts about the shop. Somehow I got lost.
    I am happy this is all in one place now. Hoping to keep up. Annie Dehgan

    1. Hi Annie, I used to blog at but haven’t posted there in quite a while. I think it might have been that which you would have got notifications from. Great to hear you’ll follow along with me here now. Thank you!

  2. Love the new design for you web page! Nice having it all in one spot. You’ll get the glitches out soon…will look forward to more digital prints so get ironing! HA

    1. Thanks Robbie! It’s been scorching weather here all week, too hot to iron fabric but I promise to get right on it as soon as it cools down a bit!

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