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Finishing things

This time of year is traditionally about fresh starts and new beginnings. I’m a big fan of starting something new, which probably accounts for my huge pile of work in progress projects.

I dragged out the main quilts that I have underway at the moment and it looks like this on my work table…

A heap of partly quilted projects as far as the eye can see! There’s actually just four quilts here but when I think about the hours they’ll take to complete it’s quite a daunting task.

The only answer is to work smarter so I’ve got my embroidery machine set up doing some digital stitch while I work on another piece with freehand quilting.

The quilt you can see me working on below has already had some lines of quilting put in so it’s very stable and is essentially as quilted as it really needs to be. Over the top I’m now working some stitched lettering which will be decorative, but as I’m working through the quilt sandwich it’ll add further quilted texture too.

I’m using a range of white and cream threads on a white background so the stitching is all quite understated, even though there’s a lot of it. The idea is that this will form some sort of background for something else. That something else keeps changing in my mind!

All of this work will be part of a new collection that I’m creating for a special project later in the year. I’ll tell you more about that as soon as I can.

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