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The Countdown Begins

Exciting news! I’ve been given a gallery space at this years Festival of Quilts. I’m really thrilled to be part of this show again in its 20th birthday year.

You can find all the visitor information and ticketing details on their website. 

I’ve called my exhibit Everything We Are. The idea is that it’s basically an extended self-portrait, one that’s more than just the face, but all the other things that contribute to who we are, family, location, etc. The organisers asked me to write a few words about what the work will be. Here’s what I said:

Laura’s exhibition is an illustration of everything that can’t be said in words or out loud. The places we’ve been, and we find ourselves in, the sound of the birds, the swallows and the house martins, the nest and the cage. The black thorns against the cold winter sky, the hollow tree and the open field. The glass and the screaming colour of nature on a black background. The stories we tell, and we hear, the thought and the memory. The dates and the times and everything that flows in between and unmeasured. The page of the book, the pencil line and the paint. The smudge, the spill and the scar. The stitches and the unpicking. The people we love and the ones who love us, the ones who we stay awake for, the midnight deals, the lace, the sound of your guitar. The life you hand me down, the maker and the made, the one I hold in my embrace, the freedom and the fear. The question and the answers. Everything that you made and gave to me, everything I make and give to you. These small things, this tangle of knotted threads, that make us everything we are.

I do find writing those words quite tricky. I prefer to let the work say what it needs to say, but I understand that’s not very helpful for organisers when they are trying to create advance promo for an event! Anyway I hope it sets the scene somewhat. There is a bit of vaguery involved as obviously, me being me, the works doesn’t all entirely exist at this point. I can see it all in my head of course, but again, that’s not quite enough! The photo above is a detail section of one of the pieces that will be there. This one’s called All the Midnight Deals.

I’ve worked out this morning that there are 159 days left before everything needs to be finished, and that would be taking it right to the wire. I do love a deadline though, even if it is quite scary. If it were all paintings, prints and drawings then that would be one thing, but this is a quilt show so I need to show quilts and making those is going to take a lot of time. I think my next step is to work out exactly the pieces I’m going to show, many are started, some are nearly done, some are just ideas. Once they are quantified I can start some sort of plan on how to actually get everything done. I thought I’d blog here as I prepare for this exhibition and I hope that you’ll enjoy coming along with me.

bye for now!

Laura x


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