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After Impressionism at the National Gallery

Hello friends,

Bit of a gap between posts – I have been working, there are a few things I’m keeping under wraps, got to have some surprises for the exhibition. I’ve also been down to London to catch a couple of exhibitions. Hope you might be interested to see some of my photos. I went to see After Impressionism: Inventing Modern Art at the National Gallery. I wasn’t sure if I was going to love this, but I did. It helped that some of my favourites were there, starting with this by Gauguin which is probably in my top ten favourite paintings.

Paul Gauguin, Vision of the Sermon, 1888

When you’ve looked at works only in books, I love seeing a painting in its frame don’t you? You can appreciate it as a whole object in space and understand the scale and the character of the thing. I very much enjoyed the dark blue wall that these were hung on. It was even inkier than it looks in my photo and the colours in the paintings really glowed against it.

Here’s a close up. That red! Perfect.

Next to it was this one which I’ve not seen before…

Paul Gauguin, Fete Gloanec, 1888

And a lovely juicy close up. Love the colours and the brushwork don’t you?

And completing this wall was this one…

Paul Gauguin, The Wave, 1888

That consistent red was so luminous. It really doesn’t come across in the photos so if you have the opportunity to see these for real do take it. Imagine all three paintings next to each other with the red featuring in each. So inspiring.

This was just the start! I’ll share some more photos next time.

Bye for now,

Laura x


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2 thoughts on “After Impressionism at the National Gallery

  1. Great photos. I wish I could have met up with you. Maybe in the fall!!

    1. Thanks Beth! You’ll have to keep me posted with your travel plans.

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