About Custom Digital Print

We’re a busy studio, but we are sometimes able to offer a custom printing service. We specialise in very short runs. The smallest piece of fabric we’ll print for you is a ‘fat quarter’ which is approx 45cm x 45cm and the perfect size for a cushion front.

Please also refer to the About Digital Print Fabrics page for general information about the digital print we do.

Q. What can you print?

A. We can print any .jpg or .tiff image file. Files need to be saved with an RGB profile and ideally a resolution of 300dpi at the size you’d like printed. Designs can be a repeating pattern, or a panel (non-repeating).

Q. What fabrics to you have?

A. There is a huge range of fabrics available for digital print, but it’s only practical for us to keep our favourites in stock. At the moment we have:

  • Silk chiffon
  • Silk habotai
  • Silk double georgette
  • Cotton lawn
  • Quilting weight plain cotton
  • Medium weight plain cotton
  • Half panama cotton
  • Drill cotton
  • Cotton velvet
  • Linen/cotton mix

Q. Can you print onto a fabric supplied by a customer?

A. No, the fabrics need to be specially coated to work with the dyes that we use. We’ve also tested our range of fabrics to make sure the settings we use are correct for best print results.

Q. How to send the files?

A. If you’re just sending us one file, and it’s not too large, you’re welcome to email it. For larger files, or if you are having a number of different files printed, it’s far easier to pop them into a Dropbox folder and send a link, or send them to us using a service such as www.wetransfer.com

Q. What prints well?

A. Digital printing is perfect for printing photographic images, designs with lots of detail and many colours.

Printing large areas of flat colour can be done, but doesn’t make the most of digital print and the potential it offers, and might be better rendered with other techniques. Please note that when printed on fabric colours will never appear as luminous and saturated as they do on your backlit, LED computer monitor! This is especially true of large expanses of black which may print more like dark charcoal than true deep black.

More questions?

Please just email any time and I’ll be happy to help.