About Hand Dye Fabrics

I often use a low-water immersion dyeing technqiue with Procion MX fibre reactive dyes. These dyes work on natural fibre fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. They can also be thickened and I use them in that form for monoprinting, screenprinting and painting.

Hand dyed fabrics can have a range of stunning visual textures and patterns depending on how the fabric is crumpled, folded or pleated, and how the dye is applied.

It’s also possible to dye threads alongside the fabrics to create a perfectly coordinating collection for a stitched textile project.

I often like to layer processes and so will overdye a digital print using hand dye methods.

It’s also possible to alter and remove colour using discharge printing and painting processes. This works equally well on the hand dye or digital print fabrics.