About Us

Fingerprint is a family run studio headed up by artist Laura Kemshall. Working in a small team we dye, hand print, digitally print and paint fabrics creating beautiful and often unique cloth for special projects that you can sew yourself. We also love to make things too so we quilt, embroider and sew a carefully designed range of items for our boutique.
The things you find here on our site aren’t mass produced in a factory thousands miles away by anonymous hands, everything’s carefully made by us, right here. To find out a little more about what we do please read on…


We spend our lives surrounded by fabrics, wearing them, sleeping under them, dressing our homes. It’s understandable that you’d want those fabrics to be as beautiful as possible. We hand dye, hand paint, digitally print, and hand print our fabrics with original designs and gorgeous colour.
Sometimes one surface design technique just isn’t enough so we layer multiple processes creating unique fabrics which are often one-offs.

All our fabrics are natural fibre – cotton, linen and silk.

Digital printing is an important part of what we do. We have a wide format, direct-to-textile printer, running reactive inks.


With a background in stitched textiles, we just love making things whether it’s garments, bags, cushions and decorative homewares. Just as with our fabric surface design, we take a multi-layered, multi process approach so objects will often be printed, quilted, embroidered and painted. This creates a richness of surface texture that just can’t be achieved any other way. Most of the items you’ll find on the website are one-offs or produced in very limited numbers so you can be sure you’re buying something really special.


Laura Kemshall
Worfield House
WV15 5LH